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Small and medium-sized businesses, are you looking to partially or fully outsource the administrative management of your company to a competent team of virtual assistants and accounting technicians? We are here to help!

Administrative services

Doing business with us ensures that you will be served courteously, professionally, and in a personalized manner. You will be freed from stress, delays, and dissatisfied clients. Our support aims to spare you the burden and administrative hassle through a competent and professional virtual assistant.

As a result, you will be able to develop your business serenely, better manage your time, improve your decision-making, or simply improve your life.

From our first contacts, we will listen to your needs and continue to do so throughout our collaboration. We constantly strive for your satisfaction and are dedicated to handling your affairs just as you would—with commitment, efficiency, and quality.


In a constantly accelerating world of information and competition, we comprehend the operational challenges that businesses encounter. It is now more essential than ever to optimize available resources, invest in modernity, research, and innovation to establish a competitive edge.

We are here to provide support in the realm of accounting, encompassing bookkeeping all the way to financial statement preparation. Well-informed accounting serves as a quantified record of all events within your company. When handled effectively, accounting serves as a valuable source of information for operational decision-making.

Social media management

Need help with creating and posting content on your social media platforms? AB Solutions Admin offers our assistance. A member of our social media management team, an expert in the field, can advise you, guide you, and create content according to your preferences to give your business the visibility it needs.

Client testimonials

Pour un service professionnel, respectueux de vos demandes et en même temps avec une dose de créativité, je vous recommande AB Solutions Admin, qui vous livre le tout avec dynamisme et un sourire toujours présent !​
Charlotte Habbegger
Les délais de suivi et de réponse sont excellents. La facturation est précise et permet de bien comprendre les détails du service reçu.​
Guylaine GG
Mental Prep
Travailler avec Aurore est une expérience que je n'oublierai pas. Je suis reconnaissante d'avoir pu collaborer avec elle et son associé Rivo pendant plus d'un an. Elle a été d'un réel soutien et a toujours su faire passer son message et sa pédagogie. J'ai aimé son management, avec ce côté humain, bienveillant et compréhensif que je chéris au travail. Merci !​
Emeline Rozon